DIY: Striped scarf

Learning how to knit was one of my 2011’s new year resolutions. I have finally finished my first scarf  – my second knitted item after a knitted cat – and here is a tutorial for knitting dummies! If you are an experienced knitter, you might find this post boring but my aim is to show knitting beginners that you can actually make nice items even if you have only been knitting for a short while.

Note: Only leftover yarn has been used for this project. I got it from my grandma (an extremely experienced knitter!) but if you want to source cheap yarn, flea markets and charity shops are the perfect places to start.

– 4 & 1/2 leftover balls of wool (no specific colours – just make sure that they complement each other and that you use the same type of yarn). The scarf is approx. 110cm long.
– I used knitting needles number 3 (European Metric Range i.e. US size 2 / UK size 11 – If you live in a foreign country, this knitting needle sizes table can be very useful).  Remember to use correct needle size for the type of wool you use!
– A blunt-pointed needle
– scissors
– Two 4cm diameter rings – depending on the type of wool you have been using you may need bigger rings (optional – see below).


  • Cast on 80 stitches (30cm wide scarf) – If you have never done it before this video should help. Note: For a skinnier or wider scarf decrease or increase stitches.
  • Knitting is made up of two basic stitches, the garter stitch and the stockinette stitch. If you are learning I recommend these two videos:
    Knit the garter stitch
    Purl stitch: When you alternate between knit and purl rows, you create a common stitch pattern called the stockinette stitch.
  • Knit 10 rows of garter stitches
  • Change the color* & change the stitches to stockinette stitches.
    *When you are ready to start the new color you just tie the color you are changing to at the end of the color of the row you are switching from.
  • Change the color & the stitches as often as you wish – As the scarf gets longer, you will easily see the pattern.
    Tips for stockinette stitches: I always leave a long tail at the beginning of my work as a way to mark when to purl. When the tail is on your right side, you start and end the row in purl.
  • Your scarf is now long enough and you feel ready to wear it: Watch this video and cast off.

Et voila…




If you are looking for a more original look I suggest that you use 2-3 rings that you will pull on the scarf*: Some parts of the scarf will then look skinnier or broader.
* These rings are from old boots (reduce – reuse;)) but curtain rings can perfectly do the job.

Any tips to make a basic scarf looked more original?


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