Spring 2012: Wardrobe planning

Sorry, I have been quiet lately in blogging but I am just back from a lovely week end in the West of Ireland… I finally got some time to work on my new knitting project – a purple snood that I should be able to show you shortly – and enjoyed long walks in the Irish countryside… I also picked some wild strawberry plants and have just replanted them on my balcony – Hope they won’t be too upset by the move ;).

Enough about my life, here are some tips to buy less clothes and to make them last longer:

1) Twice or three times a year, go through your clothes and plan: What are you likely to wear again? How can this dress be worn in a different way? Are your trousers in good condition or can they be fixed? It is essential to have a good overview in your cupboard and be aware of all your clothes!

I usually put my off-season clothes in a box* that I re-open 6 months later – I like that feeling of re-discovering them :).
*Tips: Whole cloves can be used as an alternative to moth balls as they help to repel the moths.

I then look at my in-season clothes that I do not really want to wear anymore and try to reinvent them. Going through your clothes you may think of new clothes combinations or realise that it could actually be extremely easy to transform them (add a ribbon, a badge, etc.).

Here are some clothes that I have quickly transformed:

I sewed these two butterflies from la droguerie on a basic jumper.



I made two knots at the bottom of my cardigan.


When I really don’t know how to reinvent an item, I either bring it to a charity shop or keep it in a box – if I think that I may still wear it at some point. Opening this old clothes box is like opening my off-season clothes box; I always “re-discover” something…

2) Buy less and buy better quality items: UK consumers buy around eight T-shirts per person each year; do we really need that many clothes?

I have recently tried to move to a more eco-friendly dressing and have came across a lovely brand called Ekyog.

3) Keep your clothes in good condition so they last longer!

And you, do you have any tips for a more eco-friendly dressing?


About elleadi

I am a 28 year old lady blogging on what I like the most: Fashion & Beauty, Food, DIY and gardenning – always keeping an eco-minded angle. I have started this blog to share my experience of living a greener life in Dublin, Ireland. I post on my green living tips and favourite green shops and restaurants. I believe that little things can make a big difference…
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One Response to Spring 2012: Wardrobe planning

  1. I also pack away my offseason clothes and shoes, thereby rotating my clothes every 6 months. By the end of the 6 months, I look forward to opening my boxes and “rediscovering” with fresh eyes my wardrobe for the coming 6 months.

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