The Happy Pear, Dublin, Ireland

After 9 months blogging, I am finally reviewing one my “local” vegetarian restaurant: The Happy Pear in Greystones, Dublin. Most Irish restaurants offer a vegetarian option (usually an unspiring risotto) but there are very few vegetarian restaurants in Ireland. I had an amazing culinary experience in Cafe Paradiso in Cork three years ago and wanted to try another vegetarian restaurant here.

The Happy Pear is based in Greystones (south of Dublin) and is more a cafe than a restaurant.

Picture: The Happy Pear

What we ate and drank?
3 People – Cost: €36,20
2 x Mediterranean Veg Lasagne & salad
1 x Sweet Potato & Squash Korma & salad
2 x Americano
1 x Capuccino

What I liked?
– The food was tasty, healthy and inspiring – I liked the experience of tasting various herbs, spices and new recipes.
– The setting of the cafe: We sat in the sunshine outside but they have a lovely & cosy area upstairs.
– The location: I like going there when I finish the Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk – If you visit Dubin, I would also recommend the Howth Cliff Walk / Both walks are accessible by public transport from Dublin City Centre.

What I did not like?
The food was lovely but expensive enough for a cafe (€36 for 3 dishes & 3 coffees). I would also have loved to know more about the dishes we were eating: You can go for salad or main dish + salad but when I asked what was the main dishes the answer was lasagne or “squash” – more details would have been welcome ;).


About elleadi

I am a 28 year old lady blogging on what I like the most: Fashion & Beauty, Food, DIY and gardenning – always keeping an eco-minded angle. I have started this blog to share my experience of living a greener life in Dublin, Ireland. I post on my green living tips and favourite green shops and restaurants. I believe that little things can make a big difference…
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2 Responses to The Happy Pear, Dublin, Ireland

  1. reWOLLuzza says:

    I actually had the best veggie-burger, ever, in a little snack-shop in Sligo. It’s been years ago, but I still remember it fondly… not as inspiring as your course, but still lovely. I’d love to try the squash korma though – sounds delicious.

  2. elleadi says:

    Thanks for your comment. Do you remember the name of the place in Sligo? It’s such a beautiful county…

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