DIY: Woolen mittens

Last April, I introduced you to my new winter snoods – made of leftover mohair yarns. When I finished that project I still had some leftover yarn (2 balls of yarn) and decided to use it to knit some warm mittens (tutorial below).

– 2 balls of yarn (25g – one of each colour). I used Luxury Mohair Nocturne by Sirdar (77% mohair / 13% wool / 10% nylon) but any leftover mohair yarn would be perfect for this project.

– Knitting needles number 5* (European Metric Range – For US/UK equivalents please click here).

– A blunt-pointed needle

– Scissors


Cast on 20 stiches (approx. 17 cm) – If you have never done it before please click here (tutorial).

Knit 2 raw of stockinette stitch using the first colour, then 24 raw of stockinette stitch using the second yarn/colour & 2 extra raws using the first yarn.

Cast off

Note: I knitted 2 garter stiches on each side of each raw i.e. 2 garter stiches – 16 stockinette stiches – 2 garter stiches. If you do not make these garter stiches; your stockinette stich will roll in toward the side.

You should now have 2 17 * 19 cm rectangles:

Sew both sides of the rectangle leaving approx. 5 cm for your thumb… Et voila:

DIY: Woolen mittens & Snood

And you, how do you use your leftover yarn?


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I am a 28 year old lady blogging on what I like the most: Fashion & Beauty, Food, DIY and gardenning – always keeping an eco-minded angle. I have started this blog to share my experience of living a greener life in Dublin, Ireland. I post on my green living tips and favourite green shops and restaurants. I believe that little things can make a big difference…
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2 Responses to DIY: Woolen mittens

  1. I love this idea – my hands are always cold in the winter when I’m lying in bed reading, because they’re exposed to the cold bedroom. I’m bookmarking these to make for winter. Merci!

  2. elleadi says:

    De rien ;). I look forward to seeing your woolen mittens.

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