Seasonal (nordic) salad

I have always tried to eat local & seasonal food but since I moved to Ireland I use lots of imported ingredients to make salads (tomatoes, melons, etc.). Last Saturday, I finally made my first “Irish salad” – All the ingredients, except the Spanish cherry tomatoes, the raisins and the pumkin seeds are locally sourced – to be honest I could probably have done without them but I wanted to add some colours .

Here is my recipe for an Irish summery salad:


  • Lettuce (I)
  • Salad Leaves (*)
  • Baby Carrots (*)
  • 1 Apple (I)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sunflower seeds (*)
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Irish Cheddar (I)
  • Glebe Brethan – hard comte style cheese) (I)
  • Parsley (*)
  • Thym (*)
  • Chives (*)

(*) Ingredients from my balcony
(I) Other local ingredients.

For further information on where to buy local/organic vegetables in Dublin, please click here.

Bascally, wash, cut and mix all these ingredients ;).

I have then added a very simple and easy to make dressing:

Salt, pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of  mustard, 1 table spoon of rapeseed oil  and one table spoon of cider vinegar. Rapeseed oil and cider vinegar are both produce in Ireland – I really like Llewellyn’s premium Irish cider vinegar.

Serve with a slice of bread and enjoy your diner….

Have you ever tried to cook a diner using only local ingredients?

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Perfect Imperfection

I bought this potatoe at my local farmer market and it immediately reminded me of one of my favourite documentary: “The Gleaners and I” (Les glaneurs et la glaneuse).

In this documentary, Agnes Varda shows us how potatoes that are too small/big or malformed are discarded by the producers. She talks with people who glean after a city vegetable market closes and fill bags of produce only flawed by a bruise…

A beautiful documentary about waste (mainly food waste) and recycling that I would highly recommend.

Have a good week end!

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DIY: Woolen mittens

Last April, I introduced you to my new winter snoods – made of leftover mohair yarns. When I finished that project I still had some leftover yarn (2 balls of yarn) and decided to use it to knit some warm mittens (tutorial below).

– 2 balls of yarn (25g – one of each colour). I used Luxury Mohair Nocturne by Sirdar (77% mohair / 13% wool / 10% nylon) but any leftover mohair yarn would be perfect for this project.

– Knitting needles number 5* (European Metric Range – For US/UK equivalents please click here).

– A blunt-pointed needle

– Scissors


Cast on 20 stiches (approx. 17 cm) – If you have never done it before please click here (tutorial).

Knit 2 raw of stockinette stitch using the first colour, then 24 raw of stockinette stitch using the second yarn/colour & 2 extra raws using the first yarn.

Cast off

Note: I knitted 2 garter stiches on each side of each raw i.e. 2 garter stiches – 16 stockinette stiches – 2 garter stiches. If you do not make these garter stiches; your stockinette stich will roll in toward the side.

You should now have 2 17 * 19 cm rectangles:

Sew both sides of the rectangle leaving approx. 5 cm for your thumb… Et voila:

DIY: Woolen mittens & Snood

And you, how do you use your leftover yarn?

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My first sewing machine experience: Recycled shopping bag

Before I was…. ?

I have always liked collecting old stuff and giving them a “second-life”. I think that we buy and throw out  too many things and I always try to repair or reinvent objects.

My Sewing machine – Also on the picture: vintage wooden reels bought at the Dublin Flea Market

Following some initial clothing projects, I started to think more and more about buying a sewing machine. I did some online search and finally came across a Brother sewing machine from the 90’s that I bought for €30. As I had no experience with sewing machines before I bought that one, I struggled a bit but I am finally there… (a big thanks to my Mum ;)).

For my first project, I decided to create a grocery bag reusing some materials that I already had i.e. a busted umbrella; an old t-shirt and some nice paper shopping bag handles.

I like collecting nice paper shopping bag handles and ribbons – They are just so easy to reuse!


1) Remove the umbrella fabric from the frame. Iron it on a low setting.

2) I mainly used “Wisdom of the Moon”  pattern to make this bag. However, I also lined it using an old t-shirt and used nice paper shopping bag handles to make the handles.

Et voila…

Busted umbrella fabric are perfect to make shopping bags as you can also reuse the umbrella pouch to rull up your bag and stuff it in it.

I now have a new free, recycled and waterproof bag 😉

Note: I am working on a second recycled shopping bag and hope to have it finish by the end of the month. I can’t wait to show it to you.

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Lentil/Mushroom pâté

Just a quick post to introduce you to a new recipe that I have tested this week: Lentil / Mushroom pâté. It makes a perfect starter served with a salad. Enjoy!

Ingredients (Pate)

200 grams of green lentils

500 grams of mushrooms

2 onions

5 garlic cloves

chopped persley (2 table spoons)

olive oil (2 table spoons)

a pinch of thyme

plain flour


  • Cook the lentils till tender
  • Chopped the onions and 1/2 of the mushrooms i.e. 250 grams
  • In a saucepan, heat the olive oil over medium heat. When warm, add the onions & the mushrooms (chopped and unchopped).
  • Mash the lentils with a fork and add it to the mushrooms and onions
  • Add the chopped garlic cloves, parsley, thyme and two table spoons of olive oil
  • Season with salt & pepper. Add some flour to obtain a thick dough.
  • Pour the dough into a tin and add some bread crumbs at the top
  • Bake it for 45 min. (180 degrees)
  • Serve it cold with a seasonal salad. Bon appetit!

Vintage Moulinex Coffee Grinder

Tip: Coffee grinders are perfect to grind bread crumbs (and seeds).

I got mine for €12 at the Dublin flea market and it’s one of my best buy of the year. A lovely Moulinex coffee grinders from the 70’s – still working perfectly fine! My grandma had exactly the same and I just couldn’t resist…

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